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Most existing homes have limited access for the installation of ducted air conditioning. If a suitable system is not selected and installed correctly, it will not only cost you valuable time and money in the initial outlay, the on-going running costs of a poorly designed system is sure to cause years of heartache. For instance, you can buy a smaller system thinking it won’t cost you as much to purchase and run. But, the fact is that it will have to work much harder just to do a satisfactory job. While it WILL NOT be capable of giving you the comfort you want in extreme temperatures, it WILL cost you more to run… as it will constantly be trying to provide comfort conditions. However, due to the poor design, the system will never be able to achieve desired results.

Coolmech have extensive experience and resources in the industry to draw upon, including an in-house design and computerised heat load software package. Therefore, when it comes to providing the latest in air conditioning technology, installing the system, and achieving & maintaining comfort conditions for your existing home, you can be rest assured we have a solution that is perfect for you.

Ever so often, an existing home presents itself as unable to be air conditioned with ducted air, such as a home with raked ceilings and skillion roofs. In these circumstances, we are able to offer an alternate, effective and economical solution to suit your home, your lifestyle and your budget.