Service and Maintenance

Air conditioning systems have multiple moving parts and run for extended periods of time, especially during the hot summer months. Parts can be expensive to replace once they breakdown so a simple 3-monthly service check-up can reduce costly repairs by identifying problems BEFORE they breakdown.


Our customers are given the option to sign up to our regular maintenance program which involves servicing your air conditioning equipment at regular nominated intervals as determined by one of our highly-qualified service technicians.

During a service, we check the following:

  • Check the system for correct gas charge as low gas can cause damage to the compressor.
  • Check the electrical components for loose connections or burnt terminals that cause intermittent starting of the compressor and thus, shortening the lifespan of the system.
  • Check fan bearings and mounts where necessary.
  • Check and clean the filter. All conditioned air travels through the filter and if the filter gets dirty, its ability to pass air through it reduces and creates more serious problems for the system. Unfiltered dirt and dust then coasts the indoor coils, creating a slight insulating effect and reducing the system’s efficiency as there is a limited amount of air that can pass through. Bother these symptoms lead to the indoor coil creating ice and the system fails to pass even more air, allowing liquid refrigerant to return to the compressor. As the compressor is not designed to pump liquid, major damage to the compressor occurs which is an expensive item to repair.

Regular services vastly improve the longevity of your unit and ensure that your reverse-cycle air conditioner functions at optimum level the whole-year through!